Honorary Consul-General of Russia to Queensland and Victoria
Irina Bruk

In accordance with Article 12 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, Irina Bruk is by this Exequatur admitted to the exercise of her functions of a Russian Honorary Consul-General (Queensland, Victoria).

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Irina Bruk

Honorary Consul-General of Russia
(Queensland, Victoria).

Address in Brisbane:
level 20, HSBC building , 300 Queen street, Brisbane

Phone: (07) 3391 6030

Email: consul@rusconsul.com.au

In 2021, a representative of the Russian Federation, Ms Irina Bruk, was elected head of the Queensland consular corps for the first time in the history of Australian - Russian consular relations.

Irina Bruk

The state consular corps consists of consuls, consuls general, honorary consuls and honorary consuls general representing 44 countries. Usually its head (Doyen - French, Dean - English) is elected for one year and it is the longest serving consul. Irina’s first exequatur as the Honorary Consul of Russia in Queensland was issued in 2007. In 2013 her powers were expanded to Victoria and she became the Honorary Consul General of Russia in both states.

After the resignation in 1917 of Benjamin Wickham MacDonald, the first Russian imperial consul in Brisbane, for 90 years Russia did not have its consular representative in Queensland . On the occasion of Ms Bruk’s appointment, on April 21, the Queensland consular corps gathered at the United Service Club, where a ceremony and gala dinner took place.

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